MNC New York Inc.

CALLi tokyo
Nothing great in the world
has ever been accomplished
without passion.



Cheif Executive Officer

Minako Yamamoto

Cheif Executive Officer, MNC New York Inc. Minako Yamamoto

“(To start) Make women happy.” This is our goal.

There is a reason we say “to start.”
Before anything else, as women, we want to pursue the happiness of women like ourselves. We are currently focusing on women as our first step. For us, we see happiness as a society where every woman can feel comfortable and shine in her own way.

Although this may sound like a magnificent fairy tale, in reality, there are many things that we as women are subconsciously worried about, dissatisfied with, or have given up on. We delve into each of these things with passion and enthusiasm, transform them into innovative products, services, and information that prioritizes women's happiness. As a company mainly composed of women, we have a special understanding of women’s needs.

SIMPLISSE is a beauty brand which makes the health and beauty you desire a reality. The France Luxe hair accessory brand and CALLi fashion brand bring joy to everyday life and support self expression. DAMAI is a spa that harmonizes the body and mind. Bé-A is a functional intimate apparel brand that frees women from any worries they feel may limit them. We devote our passion into all of the brands we are currently developing so that women can enjoy living freely while being true to themselves.

Our challenge has only just begun.
Being an innovative organization that makes these aspirations come true, and changing the times we live in.
Supporting the empowerment of women and opening up new horizons out of a sense of responsibility to future generations, without imposing the limitations of “conventional wisdom” on ourselves.

This is something no one else can do.
And we will (to start) make women in Japan the happiest they can be.

Minako Yamamoto
CEO, MNC New York Inc.


Minako Yamamoto resided in England from the age of 12 until her graduation from UCL, University of London. After her graduation, she returned to Japan to work for an international trading company and UBS Securities. At the age of 32, she enrolled into Atelier Esthetique Institute of New York, graduated at the top of her class, and accepted a teaching position at the school. Minako relocated her base to Japan, and founded MNC New York Inc. in 2009. Based on her vision “a company that makes women in Japan the happiest,” she developed beauty and fashion brands, and is also operating a spa business to support endeavors of women. Minako also engages in a wide range of professional activities such as supervising beauty articles as a beauty specialist, lecturing at seminars and events, and authoring numerous books.







We believe every woman has great potential. By creating products through innovation we ensure they are delivered with passion and enthusiasm.


(To start) Become the number one company in Japan to make women happy.


Our goal is to cut the amount of non-renewable plastic we use in half by July 2025.

In order to ensure a rich and beautiful life and planet for the future. We hope that this sentiment will lead to making a sustainable world a reality.
MNC New York Inc. believes in the potential of our future society and the potential of creating a beautiful environment. We feel it is our mission to work toward such future.


Chief Operating Officer Kumi Takahashi

Chief Operating Officer

Kumi Takahashi

Following her graduation from UCL, University of London, Kumi worked for 20th Century Fox and HUGO BOSS before founding MNC New York Inc. with Minako Yamamoto in 2009. Kumi splits her time between Tokyo, Japan and Los Angeles California, where she lives with her family. Raised by a single mother, like her business partner Minako, Kumi is exceptionally focused and devoted to inequality of genders and female empowerment.
Kumi is also the concept designer for the Bé-A Ultra-Absorbent Sanitary underwear, femtech.



  • Name

    MNC New York Inc.
  • Group Company

    Bé-A Japan Inc.
  • HQ

    5-1-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
    Tel : 03-3473-3939 /
    Fax : 03-3478-3933
  • Capital

  • Number of Employees

    30 persons
  • Main Financing Bank

    Mizuho Bank
  • President/CEO

    Minako Yamamoto
  • COO

    Kumi Takahashi
  • Business Detail

    • • Manufacturing and distribution of cosmetics. (Own brand : SIMPLISSE)
    • • Manufacturing and sale of fashion goods, apparel, and undergarments (Managed brands: CALLi, Bé-A)
    • • Production of spa operations (Managed spas: SPA DAMAI)
    • • OEM production of cosmetics and health foods
    • • Consulting on beauty, women’s health promotion, and environmental conservation
    • • Import/Export and distribute accessories. (Brand : France Luxe)


  • HQ

    5-1-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
    Tel : 03-3473-3939 /
    Fax : 03-3478-3933
  • 1 minute walk from Omotesando Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Hanzomon Line, and Chiyoda Line.


  • March 2009

    Founded MNC New York Inc.
  • July 2009

    Released SIMPLISSE, a New York beauty brand based on dermatological theory. Opened online store.
  • October 2013

    Became exclusive Japanese distributor of France Luxe, an American hair accessory brand blending traditional and modern styles. Opened Japanese online store.
  • August 2014

    Signed a contract with Inagora following expansion of sales routes in China.
  • June 2016

    Receiving numerous international awards, began general production for SPA DAMAI, a leading Japanese spa.
  • June 2019

    Released CALLi tokyo, an apparel brand combining authentic playfulness with functionality. Opened online store.
  • October 2019

    Released new SIMPLISSE SENSUAL line for SIMPLISSE.
  • February 2020

    Released new BELLE by France Luxe line for France Luxe.
  • July 2020

    Released Bé-A, a functional intimate apparel brand using advanced technology from Japan.